Our interdisciplinary, international and 100% independent jury has the honors to review all nominees.

Chris Wigley



I live on the lovely island of Barbados and work at 11 bit studios as a scout for our publishing division where I find, evaluate, and explore deeply meaningful games. I used to be a commercial pilot with a small indie game blog that has somehow fallen into being able to talk to the amazing developers behind these types of thought-provoking projects. :-)

Faezeh Khomeyrani



Indie game designer with a passion for storytelling. I have been creating narrative games as part of an indie team -Team Lucky Dice- since 2017. I also enjoy writing interactive stories and designing board games.

Gabriel Koenig



Gabriel Koenig is a multidisciplinary artist living in Vancouver, Canada. Working primarily in the medium of video games and a self-described ‘slacker-artist’, he enjoys crafting more experimental experiences while exploring meaningful questions and savouring the absurdity of existence. Gabriel also loves modular synthesizers, improv comedy, and cooking feel-good meals.




Joon is an independent game designer and developer in Reykjavik, working on an unannounced project. He co-founded Glitchnap, (LAZA KNITEZ!!, Try Harder, Invert). In early 2021 he released squirrel surveillance mystery NUTS with a team of independent artists. Besides making games, he was a lecturer in game design at Reykjavik University, an advisory board member at GDC (IGS), co-founded the Screenshake and Isle of Games events, organizes events and is a public speaker.

Renate Hillen



Renate Hillen is a freelance feminist media educator and co-speaker for the specialist group “Games” of the Gesellschaft für Medienpädagogik und Kommunikationskultur e.V. (GMK). She’s also a passionate gamergrrrl and nerd.